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My Disaster


The brief was to raise awareness for any disaster, I felt if I worked on a serious one it would just look cliche or tacky, so I decided to pick something a bit tounge and cheek and present it like any other disaster or disease, after all Losing your favorite jeans can be devastating!

Check the facebook group: I Lost my favorite jeans to the crotch hole

here is the booklet to help raise awareness, They are meant to be presented side by side but this template wont allow for the width so please use your imagination


Someone else’s Reflection


This was all about my home, but I decided to show the time when i first moved into my home as a child, my interaction of a home that had been left untouched for 20 years by a man called Mr. Cahoon. Many of his possessions remained when we moved in, like his bullet maker, some of his swords and even some of his clothes. As a young child this both scared me and led me to adventures and these images are documenting what remains of those memories


A book of 12 Influential books



Small adds


I wanted my adds to look like small fairy tales, so I found types that used rubrications and found variations on the blackletter typeface to type the rest of the add


Quote poster


My Quote came from Alice Roosevelt Longwood. The quote said “If you haven’t got anything nice to saw about anyone, come sit next to me”

we were to make a poster displaying this quote.

my first attempt focused on her lifestyle, the things she would attending and I tried to include some of her personality into the poster

This felt a little too perfect, and didn’t really show her rebellious side which was my aim. so I then focused on trying to make it look more like a dance card

I was also working on something totally different, I had no real aim only really focusing on the actual quote and use of type. The first image was the original, but after some feedback it was felt that it was too busy and needed breaking down, so I separated the layers into posters. The first of the three is the original the following are the separate sections

The idea behind it was to show her complexity, but her beauty at the same time. She was a woman, who at time would function with what would seem without reason, and yet after spending time reading about her you understood her reasons for doing things, And i Feel this is portrayed in these posters


New Cook Book


The aim was to give cook books a new look and create a different approach towards the way you cook. I find cook books difficult to read and often find when I’m most of the way through cooking there is something they leave to the end that should be done at the beginning. My aim was to have the whole process clearly in front of you. The individual cards are held in the book with velcro which can be pulled out and then be free standing to move around and pace where ever you desire in the kitchen

After some feed back it was clear some minor changes were needed in clarity, so here is my second attempt




The brief was to re-label your favourite brand or a popular brand.

here is an example that some brands with their status don’t even need their full logo, just parts will be just as recognisable

I chose ‘Apple Macintosh’ and decided to give them a mid market range cousin.

Not Sure whether I should leave the fruit full or have a bite in it like mac