Quote poster


My Quote came from Alice Roosevelt Longwood. The quote said “If you haven’t got anything nice to saw about anyone, come sit next to me”

we were to make a poster displaying this quote.

my first attempt focused on her lifestyle, the things she would attending and I tried to include some of her personality into the poster

This felt a little too perfect, and didn’t really show her rebellious side which was my aim. so I then focused on trying to make it look more like a dance card

I was also working on something totally different, I had no real aim only really focusing on the actual quote and use of type. The first image was the original, but after some feedback it was felt that it was too busy and needed breaking down, so I separated the layers into posters. The first of the three is the original the following are the separate sections

The idea behind it was to show her complexity, but her beauty at the same time. She was a woman, who at time would function with what would seem without reason, and yet after spending time reading about her you understood her reasons for doing things, And i Feel this is portrayed in these posters


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