My first step was a trip to the museum  of brands packaging and advertising


From the visit i decided i wanted to do a kind of old style looking cereal but with a modern touch. I thought that era was humerous, where they could get away wit false advertising where you could say thing like, eat this is will make you better etc

cereal front


cereal back


So this is the front of my box, i’ve decided to go for a square shaped box becase after looking through the cereal isle in tesco i didn’t see any that shape. I think this will help it to get noticed and also can be advertised as storage smart. My cereal is going to be a healthy cereal it seems thats where the market is going, but its not going to take its self to seriousy. I aim for my advert to be a little tounge in cheek



One comment

  1. Hey. This is Sepehr. I am a master of Packaging student in Finland. When I saw your package, I remembered some fertelizers! Don’t angry, but I think you need major changes in yr graphic and maybe some changes in structure are also possbile. If you need my help, sepehr.sarmast@gmail.com here is my email address.

    Good Luck!

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