The Brief was to create a series of 6 postcards that were totally original and wouldn’t be the kind of postcards you would see for sale

My first thought was to glamorize popular U.K holidays resorts into a cliche Americanized postcard and name

bathelona bbas vegas

santa scarb

my next thought was kind of bad taste post cards/ people that shouldn’t send post cards


I thought the bad taste post cards were a little obvious and not actually that funny, so i thought of the general theme of post cards being places you’ve been, and the familiar phrase “places my feet have been” came to mind which inspired the following images while working on annother idea


this idea kind of came as a fluke, my intent was to put the foreground into the background, so the view you would want to see was put into the background, this came while learning about psych geography, the intent to get a pedestrian to  divert his regular route to learn something new about his surrounding, well to that affect. What i realized was that i could use windows to frame my image using the similar collage style seen in post cards. This will follow after these images.


On a totally opposite angle i had considered putting famous suicide notes on the front of the postcard, a kind of morbid idea but goes against the point of postcards, which are usually light, it did tempt me to pursue but visually it is quiet plain and may be slightly confusing


the series of foreground into the background didn’t work so well, kind of boring from the photos but i did kind of like the idea of framing the images and after being encouraged to go with those i did here are the final images



I liked how they came out, but wished I had gone with the glamorized cities, I feel I would have been more enthusiastic about my work when presenting it


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