Takashi Murakami


To be honest, Until this brief I had never come across this name before, but the second I saw his work, I knew who he was, which in it self says something about the guys style and success. I recognised his work, then it, clicked that he was they guy that designed that Kanye West album sleeve.

kanye album

I wouldn’t say I enjoy this piece of work as much as his other, its a bit more commercial and safe, but it shows a certain level of success.  As I continued my research I also recognized his work with Louis Vuitton. Again not a big fan, but seeing his actual art work excited me. His style is so far from anything I normally, look at, but for some reason his bright psychedelic colours and at times scary characters draw me in and have me wanting to look more.

I selected some favorites.

Takashi Murakami takashi-murakami2 skull-rock

His Site


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