fluxusmanifestoAn interesting concept to art. The idea of bringing art to every individual by making the a piece of art, of some use. At first I liked the sound of this, making useful art, pulling down some of the so called art that has no real purpose, is in no was astetically pleasing but has a really well worded story behind it. This I’m not so sure is art, so to make art accessable to the everyday person that has a purpose, but then I thought, not all art has a purpose but I would still consider it art, and if i could i would purchase it. I think its intents are good, to get rid of the mediocur art the stuff that saturates the art world and produce something of genuine worth but art is like beauty, its in the eye of the beholder, so some people may not even consider fluxus work as art, therefore it too is conditional to the viewer


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