After my little falneur/Derive, I realised that my home (Brentwood, Essex) has a pretty good balance, I have London and all its inspiring  landscape only 20 minutes away by train, then 30 minutes in the opposite direction I can reach Southend-on-Sea. Ok its no Laguna beach but its still the Sea, I can experience an english Snide of Las Vegas, coined by the locals as ‘Bas Vegas’. The countryside and Farmland Is practically on my backdoor, Not to mention my fill of washed up celebrities Showing their face at the acclaimedimg_sugarhut Sugar Hut. Here the queen of Essex, Jodie Marshdd celebrated her 30th birthday, along with list of other people that like to think of themselves as celebrities.

For such a small town it is rich in diverse culture and has all walks of life beating their feet along the same highstreet as me

The broadspectrum of influences gives me an almost limitless recource to rely on for my work and have different inspirations and diversities in my work hopefully allowing me and my work to have some degree of originality


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