Realizing ‘semioligy’ had been an affect on my life before I even new what it was concerned me a little. To realise I had been fed information and been taught that’s when I see certain symbols, I think of a certain food, or company made me realise this is a very powerful tool that can be used for bad or good. This then means you have to take a lot of care and preparation you symbol or signifier is clear. Then i thought about symbols that can have duel means for example the ‘Pentagram’


originally used in Christianity, to symbolize the 5 wounds of christ, also used as the  official seal or the city of Jerusalem, then to go on and be used  in thier faith. Today it is more recognizable for satanism, the total opposite.


Another example that came to mind was the swastika


possibly one of the most recognizable signs, conjuring up thoughts of a horrific time in history, but you add four dots, then the symbols has great religious significance to the Hindus



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