Post Modernism


The Postmodern style in general has always caught my eye and had me wanting to look further.

Unlike Modernism, which acknowledges its self and its product with purpose, postmodernism blurs the lines, plays around with old and new, doesn’t seem to always care about purpose, instead expressing its self and emphasizing on pastiche and parody. I can strongly relate to this and see a similar style in my own work at times and generally in my humor. I can always identify with postmodernism work because of its nostalgia, it doesn’t turn its back on the past but celebrates it and spices it up such as this old American school bus:

david carson

When I first saw it, I wanted to own it, i just thought “that is genius” even though its totally impracitcal as a car(or bus) I wanted it. Its instantly recognizable as a school bus but has been “pimped out”  to add originality to it


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