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My first step was a trip to the museum  of brands packaging and advertising


From the visit i decided i wanted to do a kind of old style looking cereal but with a modern touch. I thought that era was humerous, where they could get away wit false advertising where you could say thing like, eat this is will make you better etc

cereal front


cereal back


So this is the front of my box, i’ve decided to go for a square shaped box becase after looking through the cereal isle in tesco i didn’t see any that shape. I think this will help it to get noticed and also can be advertised as storage smart. My cereal is going to be a healthy cereal it seems thats where the market is going, but its not going to take its self to seriousy. I aim for my advert to be a little tounge in cheek





The Brief was to create a series of 6 postcards that were totally original and wouldn’t be the kind of postcards you would see for sale

My first thought was to glamorize popular U.K holidays resorts into a cliche Americanized postcard and name

bathelona bbas vegas

santa scarb

my next thought was kind of bad taste post cards/ people that shouldn’t send post cards


I thought the bad taste post cards were a little obvious and not actually that funny, so i thought of the general theme of post cards being places you’ve been, and the familiar phrase “places my feet have been” came to mind which inspired the following images while working on annother idea


this idea kind of came as a fluke, my intent was to put the foreground into the background, so the view you would want to see was put into the background, this came while learning about psych geography, the intent to get a pedestrian to  divert his regular route to learn something new about his surrounding, well to that affect. What i realized was that i could use windows to frame my image using the similar collage style seen in post cards. This will follow after these images.


On a totally opposite angle i had considered putting famous suicide notes on the front of the postcard, a kind of morbid idea but goes against the point of postcards, which are usually light, it did tempt me to pursue but visually it is quiet plain and may be slightly confusing


the series of foreground into the background didn’t work so well, kind of boring from the photos but i did kind of like the idea of framing the images and after being encouraged to go with those i did here are the final images



I liked how they came out, but wished I had gone with the glamorized cities, I feel I would have been more enthusiastic about my work when presenting it




As with most theories, they only work on paper, its between the paper and the human where it all goes wrong, this is so because man is imperfect and cannot function perfectly, there is always some sort of weakness that creeps in but if this was possible to rectified, I would be persuaded by marxism.

Opposing capitalism, which in its self saturetes the world a kills variety. So marxism encourages the idea of production for use, not for gain, no class difference. To intervene on situations for better, to change social and political ideas, as far as I understood. Its those peope that have the power to intervene, where the problem lies, how can you know they will always be seeking the intrest of the mass and not for themselves, human nature tends to resort back to its selve and this is were corruption begins and this plan falls apart




A Fairly successful clothing brand that crosses over genres and mediums from xtreme sports into music, showcasing work from upcoming artists and supporting growing individuals in their particular fields, from the ultimate fighting championship to surfing. I see how the brand runs some parallels with the raygun magazine giving less know people a chance to shine thought its Artist network program (ANP). The Artist Network Program, is an ongoing program developed to showcase the talent of established as well as unknown artists who inspire our generation. Through the course of this program, RVCA donates partial proceeds from designs sold to each artist’s charity of choice. This is something rarely seeing in the clothing industry, and I see contributing to their growing success, they keep their ears the the ground take a broad spectrum of influences. I love the fact they allow unsung artists a big step up towards being recognized and respected in their own field of art, not to mention i love their illustration work for their clothes

rvca rvca2 rvca 3




fluxusmanifestoAn interesting concept to art. The idea of bringing art to every individual by making the a piece of art, of some use. At first I liked the sound of this, making useful art, pulling down some of the so called art that has no real purpose, is in no was astetically pleasing but has a really well worded story behind it. This I’m not so sure is art, so to make art accessable to the everyday person that has a purpose, but then I thought, not all art has a purpose but I would still consider it art, and if i could i would purchase it. I think its intents are good, to get rid of the mediocur art the stuff that saturates the art world and produce something of genuine worth but art is like beauty, its in the eye of the beholder, so some people may not even consider fluxus work as art, therefore it too is conditional to the viewer


Saul Bass


I chose Saul Bass Simply so I could put his work on Alfred Hitchcocks “Pyscho” onto my blog. I love this title sequence as is still credible for today. He was always pushing his work forward and his title credits were in my eyes like nothing else around at the time. His Film posters are a easily recognisable, my particulair favourite is “Anatomy of a Murder” I can’t exactly place why, I just think it is cool


The reasons why I love this title sequence, is because it is so simple but works so well with the main character in the film, his split personality and has used that as a way to display what are usually the most boring parts of a film into a highlight, you almost forget the names and just watch the work, truly is a timeless piece




After my little falneur/Derive, I realised that my home (Brentwood, Essex) has a pretty good balance, I have London and all its inspiring  landscape only 20 minutes away by train, then 30 minutes in the opposite direction I can reach Southend-on-Sea. Ok its no Laguna beach but its still the Sea, I can experience an english Snide of Las Vegas, coined by the locals as ‘Bas Vegas’. The countryside and Farmland Is practically on my backdoor, Not to mention my fill of washed up celebrities Showing their face at the acclaimedimg_sugarhut Sugar Hut. Here the queen of Essex, Jodie Marshdd celebrated her 30th birthday, along with list of other people that like to think of themselves as celebrities.

For such a small town it is rich in diverse culture and has all walks of life beating their feet along the same highstreet as me

The broadspectrum of influences gives me an almost limitless recource to rely on for my work and have different inspirations and diversities in my work hopefully allowing me and my work to have some degree of originality